For almost all Eela audio mixing consoles we can still help you on modules new and/or used.
Of course you can also contact us for repairs, inquire about the possibilities.

Need parts? potmeters, switches, CPU, faders, electronic components, buttons, fronts, connectors, CPU

Eela audio
professional broadcast equipment

Eela audio was founded in 1975 and has grown into a manufacturer of high-end broadcast equipment for professional radio studios.

Mixing consoles, Telephone Hybrid, Reportophones, Riaa Preamplifiers, Limiters, Headphone Amplifiers, Red Light, etc.: everything you need in a radio studio.

Warm sound, built with separate modules, robust as a tank. No concessions made to the quality. The support and compatibility, you don’t see that often. 20 years later parts / modules were still available.

In October 2021, Eela audio stopped in the Netherlands,
we continue in Luxembourg.

Due to its old age and no successor, Eela unfortunately closed its doors in October 2021. The analogue branch had already been sold to us, after which the complete inventory of Eela audio eventually moved to Luxembourg. We thus saved the analogue branch and the complete inventory of Eela audio, otherwise everything would have gone to a buyer and probably disappeared permanently. The digital branch has been sold to someone else.

All parts, housings, fronts, diagrams and the copyright of diagrams etc of analog mixing consoles have been included. This allows us to continue to supply spare parts, housings, etc. Eela audio (S100, S190, S120, S130, SRM-70, SBM-80, SBM-90, S340 & S440). The rights of firmware, software, schematics, etc. have also been transferred to us.

Repair, overhaul & components

You can contact our technical service for repairs to a module or overhaul of a complete mixing console. We also have overhauled, new modules or replacement PCBs for sale. In addition, a lot of money is invested in having parts made. Consider potentiometers, reducers and other supplies. We also print & plot inlays for buttons such as on the S340 & S440, inquire about the possibilities

In addition, a lot of money is invested in having parts made. Think of potentiometers, adapters and other supplies.

A lot of parts are available to order online: potentiometers, switches but also caps for the rotary knobs..

Schedules & telephone support
We do not provide schedules! We have saved the analogue branch, but we also have to be able to pay the costs every month. Support by telephone is possible but is charged at a normal hourly rate.

Inlays voor knoppen Eela s340 s440

Inlays for buttons

A push button that is used on the S340 & S440, among others, is the face of your mixing console. Because keeping it tidy is difficult as the connected equipment has changed over the years. Other fonts/colors creep in.

That is why we invested in a high-end plotting system that perfectly cuts out the inlays. With or without a recess for the LED, small and/or large buttons, everything is possible, inquire about the options.