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Eela Audio S-340 broadcast mixing console

In my opinion, the most beautiful mixer Eela has ever made, a a lof of gadgets and a sound to dream of. The Eela Audio S-340 also has a modular structure, an analog mixing console specially developed for larger (regional) radio studios. What is immediately noticeable is the deep top box in which the required modules can be mounted. The top box does not have to be added, but most will be.

All inputs and outputs are of course balanced and the microphone inputs are equipped with a low noise chip. Each channel is CPU controlled, which offers a wealth of possibilities. And there is an AUX output per channel.

Each channel has two inputs that can be switched, fader start and there is also a start button on each channel. The inputs can be turned on and off using the large push button and there is a routing option. Depending on the setting, it can control an additional output while the master continues to work or you can isolate it from the master. The latter is useful if, for example, you want to make a recording (interview) while the broadcast continues.

The well-thought-out options are included as standard, such as switching off the speakers when the microphone opens.

The table is available in a 12, 18, 24 or 30 module frame with an optional deep or narrow top frame.



Line input:
D-sub 25

XLR or D-Sub 25 (depending on version).


Red light signaling and speakers mute function

Button start

Fader start (pulse or continuous) + stop signal.

Routing B & C

Two switchable inputs per channel.


Eela S340: Blind plate
Eela S341: Microphone module
Eela S342: Stereo line module
Eela S342E: Stereo line module (with EQ)
Eela S343: Stereo with cleanfeed
/>Eela S346: Master
Eela S347: presentation room module
Eela S348(u): studio room module