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Eela Audio SRM-70 broadcast mixer

Eela SRM-70 broadcast mengpaneel

The Eela Audio SRM 70 is a modular analogue mixing console specially developed for radio studios. What is immediately noticeable is that the inputs are designed in such a way that semi-professional or domestic source equipment can be connected directly. The outputs are balanced so no adjustments are required. The SRM offers almost all facilities and automatic functions that are normally only found in much larger / more expensive radio desks

The well-thought-out options are included as standard, such as switching off the speakers when the microphone opens.

The telephone fork, which is completely integrated, can be connected with clamps and the microphone via XLR plugs.

Of course, each module has a preview (cue). If you press this you can pre-listen to the channel via the speaker output & headphones. The VU meters then also show the signal.

Fader start
The line modules have a fader start function that can also be connected via a 6.3mm jack.

Mute when microphone is open
Thanks to the well-thought-out structure, you can use the dip switch to indicate whether a microphone channel should mute the sound of the speakers in the control room. This option ensures that feedback is not possible.

If the microphones are on the other side of the glass (ST = studio room), this is not necessary and you can set the switch to a different position.



Line input:
Tulp / RCA



Red light signaling and speaker mute function

Start signal (pulse or continuous) & stop signal


S70: Blind plate
S71: Microphone module
S72: Stereo line module
RIAA (record player) module for S72 Stereo line module
S72E: Stereo line module (with EQ)
S73: Telephone module
S76: Basic unit with VU meter